“Stepping On”

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“Stepping On” (l-r) Kylie Sayers. Physiotherapist an Bernadette Barden. Team mate


Getting older is a thing of beauty. Changes may be happening, some challenging but I think this is what life is all about. As people grow older, depending on each circumstances, some may need services that would help in the area where needed. This is where the “Stepping On” step in.

The program is friendly and free to the community for people 65 and over, living alone, able to walk independently or with walking stick and who are fearful of falling or have had a recent fall. It goes for 7 weeks, two hours session each week then a break. Materials and sessions are free being funded by the State government. After two months, there is another meeting to see how things are going with the participants. It provides information on how to reduce the risk of falling and maximise ones independence at home. There are local professionals invited as guest speakers talking on different topics relevant to the program. Stepping On is a community initiative of the Health Promotion Unit. It is a friendly and exciting group programs for seniors, designed to build knowledge, strength and confidence to help each participants remain living independently at home.


The benefits of this program are: it gives confidence to step outside your home with confidence, improve strength and balance, learn with peers, become aware of falls hazards, learn how to maximise independence, move safely in the community, learn about proper nutrition that make bones stronger and to manage medications wisely.

The Quick Overview of the Program
Session 1 - Introduction, overview and risk appraisal
Session 2 - The Exercises and moving about safely
Session 3 - Home hazards
Session 4 - Community safety and footwear
Session 5 - Vision, falls and vitamin D
Session 6 - Medication management and mobillity mastery experiences
Session 7 - Review and plan ahead

There is also a phone check up in the first couple of weeks after the finish of the group session to check up on how the participants are going with the preventive strategies and assess whether each needs assistance with home modifications. The two-month booster session’s aim is to review achievements and how to keep it going.

I had enjoyed meeting new wonderful people in the group (participants and presenters) especially Kylie Sayers (Physiotherapist) and Bernadette Barden (Team mate). My grateful thanks to Kylie as when I rang and enquired about the program, she informed me that it is only for people who are 65 and over so I would not qualify. Being assertive, I explained my side that I believe that “Prevention is better than cure and that I do not want to break my beautiful hips”. She laughed and said, she will ring me the next morning - which she did. It was good news - I was in. Thank you Kylie and Bernie. Keep up the good work. We need people like you in the community.

“Stepping On” Coordinator, Mobile phone 0408 665 282


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