Edna Gadil with Fele and husband. Edna Gadil with Fele and husband.

Dr. Edna Bordador Gadil - Ultimate Ambition is a Life Well Lived






While living in this world, we all have cherished dreams and ambitions longing to be fulfilled. Some are content with simple dreams, others dream big - so lofty that it can reach even the stars, figuratively speaking. In a nutshell, we all nurse a secret dream of glory and hope that someday, through our great efforts and sacrifice we will reach the pedestal of honor we earnestly aim to achieve. Big dreamers aspire to be famous, achieve outstanding accomplishments in their chosen careers or endeavours that will set them apart from others. They yearn to be recognized, admired and adored for their outstanding achievements. Sports champions, Academy award winning actors and actresses, writers who wrote best selling books, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, astronauts who go to the moon, winning Miss Universe Beauty contests are only a few of them. At the back of their minds, they must succeed, no matter what it takes, to make a difference and to enjoy people’s adulation, prestige, love from fans and to feel the spotlight shining on them. To yearn for glory is not bad at all as long as it doesn’t destroy the spirituality of the soul. As long as they will not forget that after achieving their dreams and goals, they strongly acknowledge that they have achieved all their success through the grace and mercy of a loving God who wants us all to succeed in life. Any success in any sort of endeavour when not acknowledged that it comes from God’s grace, is not a genuine or a lasting success but an empty one which will disappear like a mist under a hot sun as it has no roots. On the other side, any success gained with the knowledge that it comes from the Divine power of God is a blissful one that will be forever enshrined in the pages of history.

Lists of Famous and successful people in history - Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth of England, Margaret Thatcher, among many others. In Australia - Malcolm Fraser, Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Ita Buttross, etc. In the Philippines - Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini, Ramon Magsaysay, Ferdinand Marcos, Cory Aquino, Benigno Aquino, Manny Pacquiao, Dolphy, Charo Santos Concio - the intellectual and gorgeous CEO of ABS-CBN Philippines who wrote a moving message highly commending FCD for it’s outstanding community and humanitarian services during our Filipino Club Darwin Inc Gala Night in 2010 - the lists are endless.

One of the most incredible success stories that can testify God’s abounding grace is Wolfgang Mozart from Austria, who began to study music at the age of 3, was composing at age 5 and performed in Paris, London, and Europe from age 7. No one, except God, has given Mozart and all those above-mentioned famous wonderful people amazing success in life.

Her life story is a unique one, a classic example of a life any Filipino, Australian or any nationality can be proud of - because of her deep abiding faith in God, impressive qualifications and achievements, her deepest dream to serve humanity for the love of Godand to live a life worth living or a life well lived - her ultimate ambition.

DR EDNA GADIL, a winsome Medical Doctor from Bulacan, Philippines and now a long time citizen of Australia, along with her husband, Dr Gaudencio Gadil and 3 children, is one of the extremely lucky ones who became a recipient of God’S wondrous gift of mercy and love.

She is one of the medical doctors, a GP Registrar at the Casuarina Square, Medical and Dental, - one of the busiest clinics, if not the busiest clinic in Darwin and Casuarina, Northern Territory, Australia. Dr Edna Gadil is well respected, admired and loved by her co-doctors, staff at Casuarina Medical and Dental and her friends because of her endearing qualities.

The good news that Scientists today proclaim is that the universe has no single center but that everywhere and every person is its center. We are all there at the center, including DR EDNA GADIL, who nurses a cherished dream - to excel in her chosen profession as a medical doctor, serve humanity for the glory of God and to fulfill her ultimate dream of living a life well lived. Her trials, goals, ambitions and success were all unfolded during the interview.

“Well, thank you very much, Dr Edna and Dr Gaudencio, Jr, for the sumptuous lunch you both cooked for me! I enjoyed the lunch especially the sinigang and the guinatan!” I looked at them both with smiles and gratitude. “You’re welcome, Ate Fele, we are glad you enjoyed it. Please call us Edna and Junior to avoid formality.

nn Edna’s charm radiated as she flashed friendly smiles while dishing out my favorite dessert after lunch. “The pleasure and the honor is mine because you granted my request for your life story to be featured in the TJ Magazine and in the PCHN Newspaper where I write. Thank you kindly” I remarked.

I noticed before and during the interview the body language of both Edna and her husband, Gaudencio Junior; they are a picture of a loving couple - the way they talked, smiled, looked at each other lovingly and their humble way of answering my questions that they are very well educated and very much cultured. It’s not surprising because Edna’s parents are professionals of high caliber - Atty Leonardo Bordador, her Dad, was a experienced lawyer since 1974 and her devoted mum, Eufronia Dazo, was a Principal at St Mary’s College of Meycawayan, Bulacan, Philippines. Her siblings - Leonardo now in America, Dr Crisanto and Atty Vicente, both success stories in the Philippines, Francis in Japan, Rosemary in Sydney and Edwin in the Philippines. They are all successful in their chosen careers and endeavours.



Edna and daughter



It was so apparent that Dr Edna and Dr Gaudencio Gadil are an ideal couple. There was no semblance of arrogance in their manner of talking but humility exuded and rightly so. They are both accomplished Doctors in the field of Medicine, both worked some years ago at the Menzies School of Health Research, Royal Darwin Hospital, Edna as the Research Officer and Gaudencio as the Project Officer. Dr Gaudencio presently works as a Registrar in Paediatrics at Royal Darwin Hospital with impressive accomplishments to his credit and so with Dr Edna, who was a scholar -Master of Science Research in 2004-2006 at Menzies School of Health Research and Charles Darwin University who now works as a GP Registrar at Medical and Dental Clinic at Casuarina Square.


Let’s take a closer look briefly at Dr Edna’s most Impressive Educational Qualifications and Background. Summary Qualifications -Doctor of Medicine in the Philippines, GP Paediatrician, Philippines, Passed AMC MCQ and clinical Exams - Australian Medical Council, Research officer, Menzies School of Health Research in Australia. Primary Education (1964) St Mary’s Academy as First Honor, graduated High School in 1975 at St Mary’s Academy again as First Honor, 1975-1979 Bachelor of Science in Biology -Full year full Scholarship at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, 1979-1983 Doctor of Medicine University of the East RMM, Medical Centre, Philippines, 1983-1984 Post graduate Internship at San Juan de Dios Hospital, , as Most Outstanding Leader, 1985 passed Philippine Board of Medicine - Professional Regulation Commision, 1986-1989 Residency Training - Philippine, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, passed written Exam for Diploma in Paediatrics as one of the Top 10 - Philippine Paediatric Society, 2000 -2006 - passed IELTS Australia, 2004 - Master of Research as NHMRC Scholar - Menzies School of Health Research and Charles Darwin University, Australia, 2006-2007 Permanent Resident Overseas trained Doctor Project Subsidy, - AMC MCQ Bridging Course, AMC Clinical Bridging Course, AMC Clinical Bridging course, PROTD Training Subsidy Recipient - The Australian Government, RCGP, Sydney, 2006 -Passed AMC- MCQ Exam, Australian Medical Council 2007-Passed AMC Clinical Exam, Australian Medical Council, 2007-2008 -participant -Continuing Medical Education Conference/Seminars/Workshop - Top End Division of General Practice, 2009-2011 Resident Medical Officer - Royal Darwin Hospital, 2011-12- General practitioner (GP) at Arafura Medical Clinic, 2013 present GP Registrar - Casuarina Square Medical and Dental.

Her lists of attended activities -conferences, workshops, trainings and duties as a lecturer and trainer for Nurses and midwives are too long, like an arm’s length, to enumerate and for lack of space can not be detailed. What must be mentioned, however, is that she did not only work in the Philippines and in Australia but also in the Sultanate of Oman as Senior House Officer (199301995 at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman in the Middle East. Her duties there were very challenging, intricate and widely significant.

Dr Edna arrived in Australia on a working visa in March 1996 and was granted residency obtained under Regional Migration Scheme as sponsored by MSHR. She became an Australian citizen in 2004.

“Does it mean that because of your in-depth qualifications and experiences in the medical profession, you did not experience any trials or difficulties at all in landing a job in Australia?” I asked with interest. “That’s a very good question, Ate Fele. You wouldn’t believe it but the obstacles and trials I had faced were tricky, risky and worrying. I arrived in Australia in March 1996 on a Temporary Visa to work as a doctor at Westmead Hospital in New South Wales, Sydney. At that time after working for 2 years which I had at the hospital I had to go home as the contract was only for 2 years. I applied to the Royal Darwin Hospital with the arrangement to work only for 2 years. I was admitted at School Menzies of Research as Research Officer; they liked my service and was offered scholarship. That happened before it was my schedule to go back home. A month before that, Dr Peter Morris, Boss of Ear Health and Educational Unit asked if I would like to be permanent and I gladly said yes. I was sponsored by Menzies School of Reasearch and became permanent resident in 2001 and was granted Australian citizenship in 2004.

True faith remains unshaken by the trials of life. Whenever trials came lurking towards her, she always ran to GOD for help and for rescue. Other trials, challenges and difficulties Dr Edna mentioned was that when she was working as a Doctor in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Oman in the Middle East - 1993-1995, she worked very long hours from 8 AM till lunchtime the following day. Dr Gaudencio, her husband, also worked as a doctor at a hospital 200 kms away from Oman. A Filipina domestic helper in her mid twenties whom she hired to look after her 2 young children, got seriously ill, had a convulsion and was taken to the hospital almost dead on arrival. Edna had the fright of her life, prayed hard to God for a miracle for her to survive. Imagine the tension, worries and headaches she and her husband had because of the seriousness of the situation!. Luckily the maid miraculously survived and Edna’s thanks to God were endless indeed. He came again, as usual, to her rescue at a time when everything was dark and horrifying.


“Obviously, you are meant for each other because after 25 years of marriage, you are still very much in love and things are going fine. How do you account for the success of your marriage, Edna and Junior?” They looked at each other and laughed. Gaudencio said widely smiling” Well, Edna is a very good wife, mabait, beautiful, patient, understanding and because of that we are not fighting.”, he winked his eyes at Edna. She butted in quickly, “Oh Thanks!! As for me, marrying him is like winning a Grand Prize in Lotto or lottery!!!” We suddenly burst out laughing loudly together and enjoyed the joke. When our laughters subsided, Edna continued “ Actually Junior, my loving husband, is tahimik (quiet) honest, loving, understanding, hardworking and God fearing; that’s why we get on well together.” she said with wide grin. Edna and Gaudencio are both Roman Catholics and go to mass regularly. I liked and admired what I heard. I wished more couples were of their kind!. It would have been a much better world we live in!!

What kept the good couple’s marriage alive and burning was their conscious awareness of the pitfalls of marriage which they both carefully avoided: INFIDELITY, LACK OF COMMUNICATION AND MONEY. Although Dr Gaudencio is good looking, who looks younger than his age and with friendly smiles, he avoided following the footsteps of TIGER WOODS, World’s Most Awarded Famous Player and multi-millionaire, who had 50 different women lovers and that ruined his marriage. What happened to him was all over the Newspapers of the world. It was too late to regret when his reputation was tattered, nonetheless, he repented. In Dr Gaudencio’s eyes, Edna was the only “apple of his eyes”. Edna for her part, consistently showed to him her loyalty, faithfulness, dedication and affection as a wife.

Edna and husband, Junior, also gratefully acknowledged that their happiness in life lies on the amazing success of their 3 children - Carissa, 23, who graduated in Bachelor of Design and is now a successful artist in the family, works in RUSSH MAGAZINE, a magazine published in Sydney and circulated nationwide. She also works in other jobs that deals with Fashion. Leonard, 21, who used to study at Charles Darwin University has transferred to New South Wales taking a double degree -Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts. Eden, the youngest who lives with them in Darwin (she’s cute and gorgeous but shy) has graduated at Casuarina Senior College as one of the TOP 10 and now is studying at Charles Darwin University taking Medical Science. She aspires to be a dedicated doctor like her parents. Their 3 children are their precious jewels; their simple life revolves on God, family and others in need. This gave them peace and inner joy to their hearts’ content. Both their goals in life is simple: to have a ‘DEBT FREE RETIREMENT”. While they are happily and comfortably settled in Australia, they love to go to the Philippines for holiday to visit their families and for Edna to attend high school reunions yearly to keep in touch with her loyal friends.


In gratitude to GOD for his rich blessings to them they send gifts not only to their families but also to the poor, the needy and those who are hurting. They are fully aware that if you keep your blessings to yourself they won’t last - money has wings like an Eagle that flies away when not being shared to others. We are all merely Stewards of the riches God has allowed us to possess. Selfish people are not happy inside, their conscience is in turmoil even if multi- million dollars are deposited in their bank accounts.

“What are your messages, Edna and Jun, to our Readers of Timpuyog Journal Magazine and the Philippine Community Herald Newspaper? I looked at them waiting for their answer. They pondered for a while and Junior answered “There”s a great need to accept our Lord Jesus Christ because all works together for good with those who love Him. If you want to succeed in life, just trust and cling to Him, especially in critical times and you won’t be disappointed. He is a faithful GOD”. Edna quickly responded after her husband’s message “Just do the best you can to follow your dream. Life is short, do what is good, make people happy and be an asset to society and country, not a liability”. After pausing for quite a long while, she added seriously, “ In all honesty, my true happiness in life and my ultimate ambition is to LIVE A LIFE WELL LIVED. AND TO LOVE AND SERVE GOD MOST OF ALL!”




Dr. Edna Gadil


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