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It’s a genuine pleasure and honor to feature the life story of a simple and humble looking Filipina young lady.
Her name is JENNIFER DALUPAN PARGETER, originally from Sucat, Paranaque, Philippines, who possesses a winsome face, strong physical and moral character and a childlike innocence which is a rarity nowadays, especially in this modern world where we live.

What makes it pleasurable for me to feature her life story is that behind her ordinary and innocent facade lies a unique and substantial achievement in the world of Philippine Sports which every Filipino kababayan can be truly proud of. Apart from this, her life story presents an inpiration to the young generation who are sports minded enthusiast to follow her lead role. Jennifer wasn’t only a Sports Champ, she also champions other things like deep faith in God, compassion for those in need and standing tall in the midst of worst difficulties and trials in life.

Jennifer Pargeter who presently works as Receptionist at Casuarina Square Medical and Dental in the Northern Territory of Australia, a graduate in Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration at Colegio de San Juan de Letran University in Manila and worked in De La Salle University in the Philippines, is literally a consistent Sports champion during a series of Staff competitions in Badminton and Dart help in the Philippines since 1999 till 2011. Her consistent victories in sports competitions have earned her status as a ‘SPORTS CHAMPION” winning several medals to her credit and became the envy of every sports player in Dart and Badminton. As a result of her stunning achievements, she was one of the few chosen players who went to compete in Sydney, Australia and in China in 2007 winning for the Philippines 6 medals that catapulted her to the position as a SPORTS CHAMPION”. But despite of her victories and the honors she and her TEAM won for the Philippines, Jennifer remained humble for she adheres to the saying “GREATNESS LIES IN HUMILITY or TO BE GREAT IS TO BE HUMBLE”

“So Jennifer, thank you for granting my request to be interviewed. I patted her shoulder as we sat comfortably for the the interview at McDonald’s in Casuarina Square.

“You’ve achieved outstanding success in sports while in the Philippines, are you going to continue your interest now that you are in Australia?” “Playing Sports is in my blood. I was a Varsity player playing Volley ball from High School to College. I was a very active member of the Dragon Boat Rowing in the Philippines and we went to China and Sydney in Australia in 2007 winning 6 medals for the Philippines. It was a most glorious feeling to win victories for our country.” I butted in to say “of course, that’s why we Filipinos in Darwin, including me, eagerly converge as a big group to watch Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire boxing championship bout because they brought honor and glory for the Philippines.

We cheered loudly when they won and we sighed in big disappointment when they lost. That’s life - winning and losing is a part of the game!” I recited with feelings.

“You asked me if I will continue my passion for sports now that I am living in Australia. My answer is yes. I’ve got a completed form ready to be submitted for membership to the Arafura Dragons Paddlers Club (ADPC) in Darwin, Australia. I intend to be active again in sports.

“What were your trials while being involved in Sports?” Jennifer’s face became serious in reflection. “I had a Thyroid Carcinoma operation in 2007. I was terribly worried because that period in 2007 was the schedule for our competition in Dragon Boat Rowing in Sydney, Australia. I prayed fervently to God, with all my heart, to come to my rescue by making the operation successful and to heal me me quickly to enable me to compete. He heard my sincerest prayers, the thyroid carcinoma operation was successful and after 1 month of my operation I joined the Phillippines Sport Team in Dragon Boat Rowing to compete in Sydney and we won!! My co-players were very worried of my situation; it was like a miracle that I survived the operation and able to compete with the team and succeeded. God is amazingly compassionate and faithful to those who cling to Him for help or those who ask to be rescued in times of trouble.”

Jennifer mentioned that she rested from sports when she got married on May 6, 2011 to Christopher John Pargeter, a Manager of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia during a civil marriage at the Esplanade Garden in Darwin. She described her husband as very understanding, supportive, respectful and who loves her very much. She reckoned that her husband was God-sent to her because he and his friends are loyal people and that she is very happy when they are around.

And her family background?
Let’s take a brief closer look at the background of this amazing Sports Champ - a family that helped her to be what she is and where she is now. Jennifer was born at the Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Manila on 19 April, 1977. Her parents, Ernesto Dalupan Sr and Adoracion Cais who were her role models for bringing up the family as good Christians and whose center of their life is God. She adores her parents and loves her siblings Ernesto, Corazon, Mario, Lourdes and Emelinda. They are well respected in the community for their loving kindness to each other and to others. As catholics, love and fear of God is inherent upon them.


Jennifer and husband Christopher.

Jennifer is a well rounded personality. Her experiences in her present job at the Casuarina Medical Dental as Sterilization Technician from July to October, 2012 and promoted the same year as Medical Receptionist for Health Support Services, Purchasing officer at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts/Hotel in 2--5-2011, Assistant Chef in 2008 -2009 at Terbo Buffet Concepts Inc mentored by a very famous International Chef Boy Logro from Saudi Arabia, Secretary Dela Salle College of Saint Benilde General Admin Services in 1998-2005, Student trainee, Bank of the Philippine islands in 1997, graduate of Basic culinary Arts - Certificate TESTA, Certificate as Microsoft Office user specialist in microsoft Word 2000 expert and other computer skills among others. Her in - depth knowledge in these areas are commendable.

When talking about God’s help to her, she was a bit emotional. She confided that God helped her a lot during her childhood. When she was only 2 years old, her beloved father went to work in Saudi Arabia to uplift the standard of living for his family. She dearly loved her father and cried a lot when he was far away from the family. As she grew older, she felt the pains her mother suffered as a result of her father being so far away in foreign land and not on their side to assist them physically when they were sick or in distress. Jennifer begged her father to come back home to the Philippines after 21 years. He finally went home to the Philippines and the family was in full joy and jubilation to have their father back after 21 years and brought back home the success that he worked hard for - financial success for the family.

In return for the abounding love of God to her family and God’s generous blessings to Jennifer for having an ideal husband and a good satisfying job as a Receptionist at Casuarina Square Medical Dental, she goes to Mass regularly to thank God endlessly, help those who are in dire need in the Philippines and send help to her family. She also informed that at the Casuarina Medical Dental where she works, the doctors there spearheaded by Dr Renee Penaloza, who was once a Filipino Hon. Consul in Darwin, assisted by Dr. Agnes Ocampo, Dr. Edna Gadil and other Doctors in the Team send substantial help and support to the Philippines by sending collections of eyeglasses especially to poor people in the provinces. These doctors are well blessed materially and financially so they share the blessings they receive from God to those in need.

This act of charity is worthy of emulation indeed. Jennifer and her husband send to the needy clothes and shoes and they go home twice a year to visit her family whom she misses a lot, including her favorite dog.

Her happiest moment? When she will be blessed with a gorgeous baby who will enjoy the love and care of both Jennifer and her beloved husband Christopher John Pargeter.

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