Timek ti La Union 2013 Officers and Directors

by Manny Roux



Seated: Rosemarie Ferrer (Secretary), Imelda Bondoc (Asst Secretary) Dr Corazon Francisco (President) Violeta Miguel,

and Daryll Morcilla.; Standing: Reynaldo Morcilla (Treasurer & Past President), Mario Ferrer, Mick Miguel, Ruben Collado,

Alfredo Boado (Director), Jimmy Lopez (Director & Founding President), Manny Roux (Vice President), Maribel, Fely Oribello, and Remie Sie

Wild ibis from nearby Woodcroft Lake swooped gracefully overhead as the new set of officers and directors of Timek ti La Union Association (TILAUNA) were sworn in. The newly elected officers are: Dra. Corazon Alvarez-Francisco (from Balaoan) – President, Manuel Roux (from Bauang) - Vice President, Rosemarie Ferrer (from San Fernando City) – Secretary, Imelda Bondoc (from Bauang ) - Assistant Secretary and Rey Morcilla (from Balaoan) – Treasurer. Elected Directors are: Jimmy Lopez (Balaoan), Neil Galang (Aringay) and Alfredo Boado (Agoo). Mr. Felipe Ranoso, Knights of Rizal’s Regional Commander, Australia, New Zealand & Oceania Region inducted the officers and directors.

A doctor’s surgery was the venue of this year’s Annual General Meeting held on 10 August 2013 at the Francisco Surgery, Tallagandra Drive, Quakers Hill. For once, the “Doctor is Out” sign was an invitation to go in! Expatriates from the province of La Union were milling in, reminiscing the rural lifestyle of innocence, ambition and fear. The enthusiasm was infectious and so the social ailments of the old country were taken on board while the physical infirmities were set aside for another day. They sung native songs that were pure joy to hear, echoing the distant murmurs of golden days gone by.


TILAUNA had a brief hiatus and for good reason, previous undertakings by the group needed assessment and the incoming officers were adamant to exercise freedom without prejudice to the wonderful contributions the association had done in the ten years of its existence.

La Union shorelines are famous for its clean waters, calm beaches and gentle waves. Local cormorants are busy eyeing opportunities oblivious of its surroundings. TILAUNA wades under this spell as its sons and daughters continue to think of ways to repay the province that had given them opportunities way beyond their expectations.


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