What a presentation night it has been and a good turn out only 3 people did not attend with a good reason. Yes another successful season and I thank my committee for the hard work and support they put onto the league. Special thanks to the treasurer Margaret farrey for her outstanding efforts throughout the year and most definitely the last week was most hectic. Thanks also to Steve Adams for his dedication making sure our raffles are done and our membership to TBA are paid. Congratulations to the champions of  Challengers league 2018 who are Bowlieve it or not with Chris Butler Mark Dall'Acqua and Harriette Konta.
While Mark Dall'Acqua scored 75 200 games a 299 game and one 700 not to be out done chris Butler also scored 51 200 games and 17 600 games and  a 691 series scratch. Well done guys
Second place Awesome also did very well with Colleen Taylor Chit Abian Ross Bulluss and Philip Allcroft. Both Ross and Philip had also high games of 253 and 234.Congratulations to Awesome for taking the high series handicap.and also Chit Abian for her 202 game.
Third place Pinhunters with Peter Leyshan, Neil Taylor, David Ellison and Allen Taylor scraped passed the Kingpins  team by just 2 points but took out high team game scratch. Allen Taylor also came runner up to his high game of 279.
Fourth place Kingpins with Bruce Muston Tony Meagher Angie Arraiza and Matthew Boys self distract on the last day of play to hand the Pinhunters the third place. but hey Angie did not mind taking the price forhigh series for women
,then we have on 5th place Sick puppies with Margaret Farrey, Greg Davidson, Steve Dyer and Scott France. Congratulations to Scott for winning the Sportsman of the League.
Congratulations to all the individual winners Mark Dall,Acqua,Ross Bulluss, Chris Butler and Daniel Ruming,Belinda Newby Helen Clemente, Angie Arraiza, Sandra Holgate all receipients of trophies and money of course.

As we go on to acknowledge the other teams  we have Eagles with Katalin Kisa, Helen clemente, Mihaly Santa and Erika Yap, IIMS with Bodhan Cowland, Iian Mcdonald,, Margaret Parker and Steve Adams, then Cougars with Fran spring, Val Chew, Lynda Mobbs,and Narelle Drew, next we have Thunderbowls, with Leigh Dore, Ton Jenkins, Josh Bors and Daniel Ruming. Last but not least we have Good Bad Ugly with Nathan Forster, Belinda Newby, Sandra Holgate and Bruce Mckenzie.

My thanks to everyone for your participation for without all of you we would not have had a successful year. Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to those that did not do so well   lets  rally and do better next season.

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